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List of Alkaline Diet foods

Before going into details about the topic of discussion, I will want to share a brief experience I had encounter and what urge me to elaborate more on this topic. Two years ago, my mother was diagnose with type 2 Diabetes and ever since, she has been moving from one doctor’s appointment to another. Somehow […]

BOWFLEX- The perfect choice

Exercise is one of the fastest, healthiest and more productive way to lose weight, backed up by a balanced diet. In other to maintain and always stay healthy, you must ensure to exercise and do it regularly. To achieve optimum result, try to pick the right kind of machine,that will grantee your success,and always produced […]

How to lose weight in 7 days- Think positively

To think positive means to put on a “Positive Mental Attitude”. And that is what you need throughout this journey of weight loss. I have done it and succeeded and I believe that if you follow through, it will work for you and many others. Most of the time, people consider weight lose to be […]

Best Exercises to Lose Weight- Time For Action

The issue of obesity, has become very alarming, and considered a major medical condition. Am sure you might be familiar with this term? If not, then let me elaborate a little about Obesity. It is a medical condition that occurs when a person is over weight, or carries excess body fat, which is cable of […]

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Hi! and welcome to my website Healthy life. Healthy life is not just a website where you can get information, it is a community where you can learn and appreciate the essence of Healthy Living, how to adopt a health life style, improve and maintain a good and healthy life. For so many years I […]